Stained Glass Windows in First United Methodist Church - Victoria, TX

Come Unto Me

The orientations are referenced from the view of the congregation
  • The five light blue squares at the very top represent the Pentateuch - first 5 books of OT. The one at the very top is partially hidden by frame
  • The three diamonds represent the Three Kings
  • The four blue squares that form a square about 3/4's from the top re the Four Gospel books of NT
  • The "streams" from the top that fall on Jesus are:
    • Grey - his human side
    • Yellow - God
    • Light Red - Holy Spirit
  • The halo around his head is typical of the representation of his divinity
  • The red in Jesus' garment shows his human-ness and the blood he shed for our salvation from sin
  • Blue is for baptismal water
  • The brown thin semi-circle of his right is the wheat of communion bread
  • The woman on the bottom left has her hands in a position of adoration and worship
  • The woman on the bottom right has her hands clasped to show repentance and fervent petition to Jesus for help
  • Jesus is looking to the woman on the right with forgiveness and to acknowledge he hears the prayers of those who ask for help
  • His outstretched hands are reaching out to everyone and anyone as the official name of the window is "Come Unto Me"
The descending dove is to represent the Holy Spirit being present in the Sanctuary and during worship.
  • Hands that are reaching down into a circle that shows God and us coming down into fellowship and to reach out to others all around the world.
  • The fish is for us to remember to be "fishers of men" and to go out into the world to make disciples and carry God's love to others

Jesus praying in Gethsemane

This stained glass is in the main building in The Upper Room. It was originally in the previous sanctuary and moved when the new sanctuary was built.