Methodist Day School Staff

Director – Jennifer Burriss
Secretary –Connie Moose
Kindergarten – Erika Warner (teacher) and Kristen Seger (aide)
Pre-Kindergarten – Sarah Mayfield (teacher) and Jo Ann Vasquez (aide)
Pre-Kindergarten – Kerri Hoerig (teacher) and Christi Reinecke (aide)
Three Year Olds – Wendy Wood (teacher) and Megan Cattan (aide)
Three Year Olds - Amanda Janecek (teacher) and Candace Parker (aide)
Two Year Olds – Kim Rivera (teacher) and Alayna Sanchez  (aide)
Two Year Olds - Liz Parker (teacher) and Sabreena Flores (aide)
Two Year Olds – Jessica Lawson (teacher) and Karen Young (aide)
Lunch Bunch and Extended Day Staff –Avery Villanueva, Alana Suarez, Gabby King, Holly Gaskamp, Kristen Seger
Early Bird Staff – Jo Ann Vasquez, Megan Cattan, Kristen Seger, Alayna Sanchez