LEARN our history.  EXPLORE our shared beliefs.  GROW in your understanding.  DISCERN God's calling on you.  CONFIRM your faith.

Who's It for?

All youth 6th grade and up who have not already  been

When Will we meet?

Sundays from noon - 1:30pm.

When is Confirmation Sunday?

May 23.


Feb. 17 (Wed.)
Feb. 21
Feb. 28
Mar. 7
Mar. 28
Apr. 1
Apr. 2
Apr. 4
Apr. 11
Apr. 25
May 2
May 15
May 16
Ash Wednesday Service
Questions & Mentor Introduction
(after service in Wesley Hall)
Church History, Methodist History
God, Jesus, Holy Spirit
Palm Sunday Service
Sin, Grace, Salvation
Maundy Thursday Service
Good Friday Service
Easter Sunday Service
Methodist Beliefs, Wesleyan
Quadrilateral, Sacraments
Spiritual Practices
Decision, Calling
District Confirmation Rally
(service project & recognition
Interview Appointments

Confirmation Registration

If you need to register more than one of your youth for confirmation, you can note that in the message portion above, or refresh the page for a new form after hitting the 'SUBMIT' button.